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I’m the idiot in this one. While I’m at the Employment Center, I need to use the washroom. Unfortunately, there’s only one washroom (no stalls). So, I try to open the (heavy) door, and I swear it’s being pushed closed on me. While I find it unusual that someone would be in the bathroom with the light off, I decide to stand outside the door and wait. About two minutes goes by, and nobody emerges from the bathroom. I decide to give it another chance, and once I’m in there, the bathroom is empty. That two minutes I waited for a mysterious person, who goes to the bathroom with the light off, to emerge from the bathroom, I could’ve used it and gone back to class. Either the door was heavier than I remembered an hour ago (I’m in the place all day), or some strange forces were making sure I wasn’t using the bathroom for those two minutes… Either way, that door didn’t allow me in there! I guess someone would’ve said something, if I were trying to walk in on them! I was also probably looked at strangely, when I was standing outside the door, with nobody in it!