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I work at the customer service desk. One of my many responsibilities is to process internet orders. The way that’s handled is that the customer orders from our in stock items to pick up later. When we receive the order, we get the items to set aside.
I had just gotten this particular order and processed it. After processing it, I called the customer to let her know that her order is in stock and ready for pickup. I didn’t reach her, but I got to her voice messaging system (which happens a lot, no big deal). I left a voice message, but while leaving it, I noticed I was getting a call at the same time from the same number. I assumed maybe the customer had just missed the phone and was calling back. I finished the message and answered the call. Surprisingly, the customer was calling to cancel the order, since she had accidentally selected the wrong store. It’s no problem on my end, because I can just refund it. The customer seemed so surprised to hear that I have her order in front of me so quickly. I tell her it’s because I had just processed the order, and I had just called her to tell her it was ready. We had a good laugh about that amazing coincidence.