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I am serving an elderly gentleman.

Me: “Ok, that’s £3, please.”

Gentleman: “No, it isn’t.”

I check my register.

Me: “It’s coming up as £3, and I can count from the list that it is totalling correctly.”

Gentleman: “No it isn’t. You can’t count!”

This goes in circles until a manager notices us.

Manager: “Can I help either of you?”

Gentleman: “Finally a man! This b**** can’t count. She’s telling me I owe £3.”

Manager: *looking at the register* “She’s right. It is £3. £1.50, 50p, £1. Yes, £3.”

Gentleman: “There you go! Stupid b****.”

He throws three pound coins at me and takes his items, mumbling to himself that “we should never have let women work.” My manager and I look at each other after he leaves.

Manager: “Other than calling him sexist, I have no words…”