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(My dad used to work at a gas station behind the counter. They sold cigarettes like any other place. It’s late at night and it was one of the coldest temperatures of the year outside. A car pulls up and a kid wearing a tank top and shorts with no pockets walks in, completely shivering. This happens after he walks in.)

Kid: Hey, can I get a pack of smokes?

Dad: *smiles* Sure! I’ll just need to see your ID.

Kid: *dumbfounded* B-but…I left it in my car…

Dad: Well, you’d better go out and get it.

Kid: But it’s like -20 degrees outside!

Dad: Should have thought of that before you came in.

Kid: Look man, just gimme some cigarettes.

Dad: Not without your ID.

Kid: *walks back out to the car and drives off*

(Obviously this kid was trying to impress some girls he had with him. Note: Dad was standing behind the counter with a heater near him the whole time)