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(I work in the grooming salon of a pet store, and when people bring their dogs in for hair cuts, we always inform the customers that the time frame for bath and hair cut is 3 – 4 hours. Without fail, this will happen at least once a day.)

Me: So, we ask for about 3-4 hours for the groom, but I will definitely call you when your dog is ready, okay?

Customer: Great, thanks! *leaves*

(Less than 45 minutes pass, the phone rings, another groomer answers.)

Groomer: Thank you for calling [Grooming Salon] in [city] this is [name] how can I help you? *pause* Hold please, I’ll ask.

Groomer: *to me* How long on [Customer’s dog]?

Me: *screaming internally* Still the 3 hours I told him less than an hour ago…