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During Winter Break I worked at a store in the mall but that ended in January since they only needed me for the holidays. I liked everyone who worked there and never had any problems. I was actually thinking of reapplying for next winter break. During the summer I work at an amusement park as a merchandise associate.

Since I am a returning employee to this Snoopy/Canadian themed amusement park a lot of the new associates like to come to me for help since I am less intimidating then the team leads. I am just as knowledgeable as them but don’t have the power to punish coworkers so obviously I am their first choice.

Coworker #1: (frazzled) (My Name!) I have a really angry guest who wants this lunchbox 50% off because it’s scratched (shows me lunchbox with an antique look)

Me: (bewildered) But it’s supposed to be scratched, it’s just the look

Coworker #1: I KNOW!

Me: Okay (Coworker #1) show them to me.

I follow my coworker to the cash and put on my best customer service face

Me: (smiling) Hello

Guest: (angry) Hi. As I was explaining to…wait…(my name)?

Me: (coworker from seasonal job’s name)?

Guest/co-worker: (embarased) I-I didn’t realise you were working here now

Me: (crossing my arms) Yes, I am

Guest/Coworker: Oh (puts down lunchbox)…you know what I think we’re good.

Me: (fake sympathy) oh are you sure?

Guest/Co-worker: Ya, we’ll come back later tonight (drag boyfriend out of store)

Needless to say, they never came back