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, | Unfiltered | August 30, 2020

(I am working at a toy store, and am just opening up. We carry quite expensive items, but I only get $100 in my till at the start of every day.)

Customer walks in just as we’re opening, gets a $0,80 toy car and goes to the register. I ring it up, etc. etc., and ask whether he’d like to pay with cash or by card. It’s at this point where he hands me a hundred dollar bill.

Me: ”Sir, are you sure this is the only method of payment you have?”

Customer: ”What? Yes. Why, don’t want my money little punk?”

Me: *honestly a bit baffled* ”Of course I want you to make your purchase, sir. But I don’t have very much change in my till, and this is much too large a note for the amount you owe. I won’t have any change for the next customer.”

Customer: ”I don’t care about them! It’s money, isn’t it? Take it or I’ll get your manager!”

He did end up going to my manager, who told him, quite frankly, that no one in their right mind would use $100 to pay for an 80 cents purchase. I’ve been told the guy complained.

Unfortunately, this happens quite a lot when people get large notes from the bank and feel that we’re an exchange site.