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We have expensive items locked in a clear cabinet. In particular, one type of high demand phone is locked inside. I walk over to a 30 something man staring into the cabinet while glancing around.

Customer: Excuse me, how many phones do you have in stock?
Me: Just the four you see. We don’t keep any in overstock.
Customer: but… are you sure? There could be one one behind the others that you can’t see.
Me: How many phones are you looking to buy? I can probably find more stock at another store.
Customer: That’s not what I mean. There could be like, five or six phones back there and you wouldn’t know it.
Me: (I quickly key in the item into my tablet, coming up with four phones in stock). Nope! Only four.
Customer: You don’t know though! You should take the initiative and open the cabinet and pull them out and count them.
Me: No, I’m a thousand percent sure there’s four phones.

At this point a coworker walks over, and the guy repeats the same conversation with him before turning to leave and walking straight into a police officer.
Turns out the guy had managed to get two other stores to unlock the phone cabinets before grabbing them and running. I had no clue. I was rewarded for keeping the guy talking long enough that management could get the police!