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(It’s within the last hour of my store being open, and it’s my second-to-last week working at this job. A Russian man, with his children, step up to order.)

Customer: *Russian accent* Lipton Tea.

Me: I’m sorry?

Customer: Tea. I want Lipton tea with lemon.

Me: We don’t carry that. Here are the teas we carry. *points at 12 teas we carry*

Customer: I want Lipton.

Me: I don’t even know what kind of tea that is. Is it black? These are our black teas. *gives him two options*

Customer: No black, brown tea.

Me: We don’t have brown tea. Black tea is what you’re looking for. Which would you like?

Customer: *chooses Royal English Breakfast*

*I make his tea, which should steep for 5 minutes before drinking*

Customer: Is there lemon?

Me: We don’t have lemon.

The customers gives me the stink eye, which he’s been doing throughout this interaction, but now it’s worse. I tell him his total, and he hands me a 20$. I’m cashing out his change.

Customer: How much was it?

Me: [Total]

Customer: *digs in pocket and offers me a variety of change* How much?

Me: I… I don’t– *sighs and takes enough change to round up from $0.19 to a quarter, all the while he’s glaring at me*

Customer leaves to the condiment bar, doesn’t say thank you or anything and leaves. Half an hour later, I go to clean the condiment bar and he’s taken out his 2 teabags and just left them lying on the counter, with the trash can 2 feet away, covering my counter in tea.

Me: *to my coworker* First brown tea, and then he couldn’t even use the trashcan. WTF?!