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(so I work for a big retail company in the UK, and I work in stock control and carry a pda to check our stock levels or even if we sell something. The other day this happened.)

CUSTOMER: excuse me do you sell any dental repair kits.

Me: I’m sorry I don’t believe that we do but I will have a check on our system for you.

( pulls up my pda and searches for it or anything similar, it shows nothing at all)

Me: sorry the system shows that we don’t sell it at all.

Customer: ok thanks for your help.

( she walks off to my co-worker on the same aisle and asks him something. He walks her to the other end where the toothpaste and such are and it looks like he can’t find something. She thanks him and walks off.)

Me to co-worker: did she ask about dental repair kits?

Co-worker: how did you know?

Me: well she just asked me and I searched the system and nothing.

( as we are talking another co-worker appears at the top of the aisle with the woman looking at the oral care once again, the co-worker also can’t find it since we don’t sell it and the woman walks off once more)

Me to first co-worker: I guess some people just can’t take no for an answer.