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(I manage a small academic IT department. Sometimes I deal with customers directly. This was one of those times.)

Person: “Could you please fix this web app that stopped running?”
Me: [investigates] “Sorry, no. It’s a Flash applet, so I can’t change the contents. It’s not running because the security model in Flash changed to disallow the things your applet is doing.”
Person: “But we paid someone to write it!”
Me: “Ok. Talk to your vendor, then.”
Person: “We can’t, we had it written in 2003. We really need it to work.”
Me: “Maybe it’s an easy fix. Do you have the source code?”
Person: “I don’t.”
Me: “Sorry, I can’t help you then.”
Person: “How come you fixed a broken link a while ago but won’t fix this?”
Me: “Because that was a completely different issue. I literally can’t help with this one.”
Person: “I shall complain to my supervisor that you are unwilling to help!”