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(I had a regular customer that would always come in at night just before we stopped selling alcohol to get some alcohol. Luckily he didn’t drive. Anyway he’d always hit on me. Which made me as a 30 year old woman uncomfortable because he had to be in his late 60’s at youngest. Anyway on this particular night he finally notices my wedding ring)

Customer “so you’re engaged or marrried”?

Me “married”

Customer “where’s he work at, huh?” Said arrogantly as if you insinuate that he’d be able to provide for me better somehow.

Me “he works two jobs actually one at (well known good paying job locally) and nights at (nearby fast food place). Alsour, could have easily been a wife and not in husband I have”

Customer (looking frustrated) “well you’re too good looking to be gay”

I wordlessly finished checking him out and got his payment. As he was leaving I told him to tell his girlfriend I said hi. Small towns are awful.