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( I work at a pizza store, and am taking an order over the phone)
Me: Hi, -store name-, how can I help you?
Customer: Yeah do you have that special for 11.99$?
(Note, we have many specials, a lot of them at the same price)
Me: Uhm, yeah, I have a large pizza with 4 toppings for 11.99$ if you like?
Customer: Yeah I’ll take that. I’ll have all dressed. Is that 4 toppings?
Me: That is 3 toppings, so you may add one more and is this for delivery or take-out?
Customer: -ignores my question- Okay so what else can I add?
Me: -slightly frustrated- Well typically with an all dressed people will add bacon, or extra cheese, but it’s really up to your personal preference.
Customer: Steak?
Me: Yes sir. And again, is this for delivery or take-out?
Customer: How much is it?
Me: Well sir, I need to know if it’s for delivery or take-out.
Customer: Oh delivery.
Me: Perfect, so is the address still ***?
Customer: No actually it’s -lists off weird address and back story of why it’s not the same-
Me: Okay great. So the total is 16.66$, and how will you be paying?
Customer: I thought it was 11.99$??
Me: Yes sir, it is 11.99$ plus tax and delivery.
Customer: How much is delivery?
Me: 2.50$
Customer: And how much is the pizza?
Me: 11.99$
Customer: So why is it so expensive? Don’t you have anything cheaper?
***NOTE, at the beginning of this call, the customer REQUESTED a special at 11.99$***
Me: -Extremely aggitated- Well sir, this is the best deal for one pizza. If you changed to a medium it would be 13.99$ as there is no coupon, and a medium with just cheese and peperoni would be the same price, so I suggest keeping your current special.
Customer: I think I’m going to have to call you back. -Hangs up-
Me: -Completely pissed off, to a co-worker- I hate these cheap ***SES!
*5 mins later, same customer calls and my co-worker answers*
The guy took a special for 11.49$ for a medium 4 topping pizza (with a special code that I would need to enter manually to offer the deal), so basically, he paid 0.50$ less for a smaller pizza, and this time didn’t spend 10minutes complaining about spending 16$!! Some peopl are just so cheap!