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I work for a large Telco company. Mostly sales based but sometimes also answer incoming calls and help customers with minor issues. This customer had recently purchased a regular smart mobile phone on a 2 year contract.

Me: Hello, this is *** how can I help you?

Customer: Yes, one of your employees sold me a shitty phone yesterday and I want my money back. I’m bringing the phone in today.

Me: Ok not a problem, what seems to be wrong with it?

Customer: I was transfering the data to the phone when I dropped it. Now the screen is completed shattered and it’s not working. If this phone is going to be this ***** fragile then I don’t want the ***** thing.

Me: Ok, so YOU dropped your phone and broke it, now it’s not working and you want ro return it because it’s too fragile?

Customer: Yes, I always dropped my old phone and it never broke! This one broke way to easy.

Me: Did you have the phone cover or screen protector on your phone that we provided for you?

Customer: No, why would I need a that for, what’s that got to do with anything?

Me: …Unfortunately, I can’t refund you anything since YOUR the one who broke the phone. You do have insurance though, so I can replace the phone with a same model if you just pay the excess.

Customer: You’re not getting me, I don’t want the ***** phone and I’m not paying for shit! Your working sold me a shitty fucking weak phone that breaks way to easy! I’m bringing the phone back in today and your gunna give me a full refund, I’m not gonna argue about it.

Me: Unfortunatley, we can’t do that. Your phone is on a contract and it was working perfectly fine when you purchased it. The damage was caused by you, like I said we can replace it with the same model but we can’t refund anything.

Customer: This is bullshit! Your the ones who sold it to me, I didn’t even want it! Yes I get that I broke it, I’m aware of that but I don’t care! you gave me a fragile phone and I don’t fucking want it, I’m not gunna use it!

Me: ok that’s not a problem, you don’t have to use it. You’re more than welcome to keep using your old phone.

Customer: Good, so I’ll come in this afternoon and bring the new phone back.

Me: You can do whatever you like with it, it’s your phone. However, were not going to be able to give you a refund.

Customer: Then wtf am I going to do with it? You know what? I’m going to cancel all my services with you, cancel everything I have with you immediately, all of it.

Me: That’s not a problem, I can cancel your entire account if you like. However, you are under contract for all you services for at least another year. You will need to pay 3k+ in termination fees.

Customer: Fuck that! This is absolute bullshit. I didn’t sign any contract, don’t fucking like to me show me the contract and where I ***** signed!

Me: You would have signed a contract when you signed up for these phone plans, i can send you a copy if you like?

Customer: I’ll just rip up the contract then, im not gonna pay for shit!

Me: Unfotunately, that’s not how a contact works. You’ll still need to pay the termination charges.

Customer: I want a manager to speak to me now, I’ve had enough of this, you obviously can’t help me.

Me: Not a problem I’ll get the manager to give you a call when he’s free.

Needless to say, he never got a refund for the mobile phone that HE broke even after threatening to call fair trading and all the local news stations on my manager for running a ‘dodgy scam’.