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(It’s the last hour of my shift at the register. Since it’s late at night, there aren’t that many people in the store. I have just finished ringing up a customer who was walking away without one of his bags. I was yelling at him to get his attention when an impatient looking Hispanic man comes up to my register. Important: I am white, and I have lived in Northern Virginia my entire life. My area has a large Spanish speaking population, but I myself do not speak any Spanish, nor do I look like I should know Spanish.)
Me: (Once I give the previous customer his bag) Hello, do you have a (Store) card?
Customer: A what card?
Me: A (Store) card.
Customer: No.
(I get a manager to scan her card for him and quickly ring up his items.)
Me: Your total is (total)
Customer: (starts flirting with me in Spanish.)
Me: Uh……
(The customer keeps flirting with me in Spanish. Eventually he switches back to broken English.)
Customer: Where are you from?
Me: Huh?
Customer: Are you from Detroit?
Me: ….. No.
Customer: No? Really?…. Are you from (current city)
Me: …. Yes.
(The customer goes back to flirting with me in Spanish. I do not respond at all, not even with facial expressions. He eventually gives up and walks away.)
Me: Have a good evening.
(The customer tries one last time with me in Spanish. Again, I give him no response.)