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(I’m at a privately owned computer repair shop waiting to get my laptop screen replaced when I hear this.)

Customer: I got a new laptop a few weeks ago and I dropped it yesterday. Since then, it’s been kind of glitchy and weird.

Employee: Okay, let’s take a look at it.

(The customer pulls a small Chromebook out of his bag. It is completely bent and cracked in half- not just the screen, it looks like he’s smashed it against something repeadedly and hard. There are peices of hardware sticking out. It’s flashing on and off, and is clearly also water damaged, with parts still dripping.)

Employee: Oh. Wow. Okay. This doesn’t seem to be in our capabilities. It looks like you’re going to need a new laptop. We have some great options here, and I can offer you a discount-

Customer: But I like THIS laptop! And my boss will kill me if I give this back like this…

(He proceeds to tell the rest of the story. Indeed, it was not a simple drop and cracked screen- he and his buddies got drunk and decided to see how much abuse the poor Chromebook could take before it died. And it was a work laptop he didn’t own.)

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