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It’s a busy Friday night at a very popular gas chain on the west coast. I’m working with my sister and we get our usuals of people buying beer, snacks, etc.

About an hour into our shift a lady storms in while I’m taking a rather large line as we’ve ran out of three sizes of self service fountain cups and my sister is taking care of it. She butts in front of all the people waiting in line and throws her club card at me.

Customer: “I forgot to scan my card for my 6 cents off! I just wanna re-do this whole thing, whatever is the easiest for you.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry but it shows here that you paid for 50$ in gas on pump three and stopped it at $9.75. I can refund the remaining amount and apply your discount, but I cannot refund 40$ of gas that is already in your tank.”

(Mind you I have about 15 customers in line at 11pm on on a Friday night, while my sister is running around frantically making more hotdogs, fresh coffee, changing sodas that are out, etc, while customers look at me like I can somehow split in two and open another register.)

Customer: “I just want my goddamn discount!!! Are you all retarded here? Why is no one else working?”

Me: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but this is the graveyard shift and we only ever at the most have two employees working on busy nights. I can apply your discount to the 9.75$ but you will have to have it refunded in cash and put back on the pump.”

Customer: “I need to speak to your manager now. They’ve always done this for me. You’re new, right? (I’m not) and I just don’t think you know enough to handle my points. This is ridiculous.”

Me: “With all due respect to, there are no managers in this shift, and all of my shift leads are asleep. You can take what I’ve offered or call (name) around 5 am and file a complaint.”

She grunts and yells a bunch of gibberish, throwing get hands in the air and telling g about how we should just “know what the hell to do” and “this place has gone to shit” and proceeded to stuff a bunch of the display candy in her pockets before she left.

The only solace was that her daughter sheepishly came in and waited on line and apologized for her mother’s behavior. She asked for the over amount on the pump and bought beer and candy with it. Multiple customers behind her also came up to me and stated ” what the hell???”. I haven’t seen her again but I know a shit storm will come, these customers always come back. I just wanna know in what universe can somebody refund fifty dollars in gas when it’s already pumped?