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(The snow is melting at the end of winter, and a famity friend calls me over to her house to chip ice off of her driveway. The entire thing is COVERED in ice, like a solid sheet. It takes the entire day to chip off the majority of ice, and half of the next to finish. After everything is said and done, my hands are covered in blisters from working with the ice-chipper. I simply tape up my fingers and go to the store later for an errand. Note: I am 14.)

Me: *Looking at canned food*

Customer: *Scoffs and walks off*

(Later, same lady walks past me)

Me: *Looking at milk*

Customer: “Little bitch.” *Moves on*

(And finally:)

Me: *Checking out*

Customer: *To cashier* “Don’t sell anything to this bitch.”

Cashiers and Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “You heard me! Don’t sell sh*t to her!”

Me: “What? Why?!”

Customer: “Stupid children like you try to kill themselves and don’t finish the job, then just waltz around showing off their wounds! F***ing idiots, all of you!”

Me: *Shocked* “WHAT?! Ma’am, I never tried to kill myself! What on earth are you talking about?!”

Customer: “Your fingers! Tried to slice up your fingers and walk around with some sh*tty bandages so you get attention!”

(I pull the tape off one of my fingers and show her the blister underneath.)

Me: “Ma’am, these are BLISTERS! I was chipping ice for a friend and never had gloves to protect my hands! I am NOT trying to commit suicide or be attention-seeking! I put tape over my fingers to keep them from being too painful or rub against anything else as they heal! And what is WRONG with your life to say something like that to a teenager while grocery shopping?!”

(The customer turns bright red before rushing off, leaving her groceries on the ground. After paying, the manager comes out and hands me a candy bar.)

Manager: “I watched the whole thing before I could come in to help. That was awesome. You available for hire?”