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, | Unfiltered | August 28, 2020

(Our hotel is the kind right off the highway in the middle of nowhere, basically a stop, sleep and keep going kind of place. Our sleepy town doesn’t have any attractions at all and is pretty boring, I’ll admit it. A ditzy looking blonde stops by the desk.)

Guest: “Hello, I was wondering, is there anything to do around here right now?”

Me: “Unfortunately not, we don’t have anything but some bars around.”

Guest: “But I don’t want to go to a bar, I have a kid? I need to go where it is kid friendly. It’s only 8 pm. Some shops, maybe? I checked my phone, but it said that there is nothing.”

Me: “We don’t have any shops nearby, and the closest plaza is about 10 miles away.”

(She rolls her eyes.)

Guest: *sarcastically* “Thanks for your HELP.” *leaves*

(She comes back a few more times, and it’s like we never had that conversation, asking for the same thing, for things to do, and we have the same conversation again and again before she finally gets it.)