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(Super Bowl Sunday was also the start of a very popular coupon promotion at my work. This meant that lines were insanely long. Going across the store they were nearly to the frozen section and pharmacy. Lines also went halfway down the aisles. Once the game started around 6:30, though, the place was empty with only a few customers who decided to wait until after the game started to do their shopping. Due to the large volume of people, we ran out of a lot of stuff. After the madness, a customer comes in. We get to talking about how crazy it was before and how she was lucky to have missed the madness. She turns around and sees some soda on sale.)
Customer: Is that right? Buy two, get three free?
Me: Yes, but you have to buy five in order to get the deal.
Customer: But you’re only buying two, and getting three free.
Me: Yes.
Customer: That’s why you had lines earlier. Because of this deal.
Me: Oh, maybe.
(The customer goes off to shop, and I go back to helping clean up. We managed to put together over 6 overflowing carts of stuff that was just abandoned. One of these overflowing carts was nothing but frozen and perishable stuff that was all ruined from sitting out all day, plus a couple chickens that someone abandoned and were ruined.)