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, | Unfiltered | August 27, 2020

A storm seemed to come up from nowhere one afternoon, with heavy winds. Suddenly the sky seemed green, and we realized a tornado was nearby. Our front doors were being sucked open with so much strength two employees couldn’t pull them closed. There was panic, and manager rounded up all the customers and employees, and we all crowded into the back room, which is cinder block. No sooner did we get there than the lights cut out. A few minutes later, we heard a crash.

Finally, we came out to find a tree thrown through our front window, mannequins, tables and clothes in the front half of the room tossed around. There was debris and watereverywhere. Outside, the light poles were fallen, part of the roof was crumpled over part of the parking lot and car alarms were going off.

We were all walking around, trying to take this all in when we hear a woman yelling “excuse me! Excuse me!” She was standing at the counter, tapping her foot. She was very upset because hiding in the back had made her late and she wanted to get checked out. When we told her it was impossible, she threatened to call corporate to complain about our terrible customer service.

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