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(Our store has consoles for renting. Our biggest group of clients come from the nearby high school and middle school, which means that about at noon the store will be full of students from the afternoon turn who have some time to kill before classess start. Our store has a second floor with three consoles which people who prefer to have privacy tend to chose. This day in particular, the upper floor is completely occupied. Then a group of four middle schoolers stands outside the store until one of them approaches the desk)

Student 1:” Excuse me, do you have consoles available upstairs?”

Me: “No, sorry, they are all occupied.”

(Before I can say another word, the student leaves to talk to the group. Then another one approaches)

Student 2: “Do you have consoles available upstairs?”

Me: “Uh, sorry, all occupied.”

(He also leaves to talk to the group. A third one approaches)

Student 3: “Hi, can you give me console 7?” (Note, console 7 is upstairs)

Me: (Internally facepalming): “Sorry, it’s occupied for another twenty minutes.”

Student 3: “Oh well, can you give me Grand Theft Auto?”

Me: (Relieved) “Sure, I have it in console number 2”.

Student 3: “Do you have it upstairs?”

Me: (Internally screaming) “No, sorry, all the consoles upstairs are occupied.”

(The student returns to his group, they speak for a moment and they all leave. Did they think having different people ask will suddenly make a console available?)