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I work at a “drop in” daycare which means we take reservations for the time you need (which are only listed with time and their last name wich if the parents listen when we talk will know this) and are open really late. We bend over backwards to stay open 6 days a week and stay open for reservations even if we are have problems that make it super hard on us.
We one Monday and Tuesday we got snowed it. Or I should say our employees did so we had to close for two days.
So our owners change the voicemail, post on the website and Facebook we will be closed due to weather conditions and posted a notice on the door. I come in on Wed to open and I get two parents who address me this way.
Me: Hi, how are you today?
Parent: why weren’t you open Monday?! I came for my reservation and no one let me in! Where were you? I had a reservation!
Me: I’m so sorry we had an unexpected closure so-”
Parent: You can’t close when I have a reservation!
Me: Again I am so sorry but all of our employees were snowed in…
Parent: Well you should have called everyone!
Me: As I’ve said none of the employees…
Parent: Next time you better call!
Me: We will do our best next time. I’m sorry. (Finally the mom leaves)
Coworker: How are you going to call them if they don’t have a number on their account?