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(At the end of last year, we began giving away calenders that had coupons to our store attached to the back. They are good for 10% off your entire purchase for the 2 months that’s printed and can only be used once. This is all computerized. A middle-aged woman came to the register with a cart FULL of books. She handed over the coupons with this month already missing.)
Woman: I forgot my coupon for February. Can we go ahead and use March?
Me: No ma’am. It’s computerized throughout the chain, so the coupon won’t work until March.
Woman: Don’t you have a back up or something I can use? I bought two of your calenders but just forgot it today.
Me: No ma’am. The codes are specified. I’d need to see the coupon to be able to use it.
(The woman suddenly gets irate.)
Woman: This has never been a problem before! They just give me a discount everywhere else!
Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t. I can hold your books for you if you’d like to go get your coupons.
Woman: I don’t live here. I’m not coming back here either if you’re going to do this to me!
(The woman then pushed her cart to block my register, thus blocking other customers from approaching.)
Woman: I can’t believe you’d do this.
(She then left, leaving the cart full of books – a good 20 or so – there in front of the next customer. I then had to call another employee to get the cart and reinventory all of them.)

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