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(A female resident comes up to my desk. I know her and I cringe inside because this is a multiple-times-a-day occurence.)

Resident: Is the exercise activity on right now? 10:00?
Me: *looks at clock, sees 10:15* It started 15 minutes ago, actually, but you can still go. It goes to 11:00.
Resident: So it starts right now?
Me: No, it’s already started. But you can still go.
Resident: Ok, so it’s 10:00 now. Is it on the second floor?
Me: *internal sigh* Yes.
Resident: So that’s upstairs?
Me: We’re on the first floor, so yes, the second floor is upstairs.
Resident: So I go up two floors?
Me: No, just go up one floor – that’s the second floor. We are on the first floor right now.
Resident: So it’s on this floor?
Me: This is the first floor. It’s on the second floor. One floor up.
Resident: Ok, two floors up then. Bye! *she walks down the hall…the wrong way*
Me: *massive sigh*

(And the thing is, this resident doesn’t even have dementia or alzheimer’s. She’s just incredibly…uh…not intelligent. At all.)

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