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I’ve worked at this ice cream shop for a little over a year, and the hours were constantly changing. Google had a hard time keeping up with our constantly changing hours so I wasn’t too irritated when someone pulled in when we were closed and were confused as to why the store was closed. However, about 5 minutes after close our store gets a call:

Me: Thanks for calling [store] how may I help you?
C: What time are you guys open until?
Me; We actually closed 5 minutes ago, we open at 11 tomorrow though!
C: But Google says your open until 10:00 [1 hour later]
Me: Our hours recently changed, I’m sorry!
C: Can you guys just stay open for 10 more minutes, my family really wants some ice cream tonight.
Me: No, sorry sir, I can’t stay open
C: You know what? Fuck you, you’re too fucking lazy to stay open as late as you advertise? Fine, I’ll just go to [competing ice cream store]!
Me: Alright sir, enjoy your ice cream, have a great night!
I hung up and never heard from him again.