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Me: Hi, welcome to (restaurant), what can I get for you?

Customer: This might sound like an odd order, but is there any way I can get a burrito bowl with lettuce on the bottom instead of rice and beans?

Me: Absolutely! We actually have an item like that, it’s called a taco salad. Would you like that in a taco shell?

Customer: No, I don’t want any tacos on it, just the lettuce.

Me: It’s ok, it doesn’t come with tacos on it, that’s just what we call it. Now what kind of meat on your taco salad?

Customer: I told you I don’t want tacos! I just want a burrito bowl with lettuce on the bottom!

Me: (decides it’s not worth it to fight over the salad) Ok…what kind of meat on your burrito bowl with lettuce on the bottom?

A few moments later, I hear the same customer talking to the cashier.

Cashier: Was it just the taco salad for you today?

Customer: NO! I already told you all I don’t want tacos on it!

Cashier: There’s no tacos on it, ma’am. It’s just the salad.

Customer: That’s not what I ordered!

Cashier: That’s fine. But for inventory purposes, I need to ring this up as a taco salad-

Customer: (points at me) Well you should talk to her, she’s the one who said I could do this special order! It’s her fault!

I hurry down to try and dissolve the situation.

Me: (whispering to cashier) Just play along and ring it up as a salad.

Cashier tells customer the total, customer pays and looks at her receipt.

Customer: What the hell is wrong with you all! I’m getting charged for something I didnt order! Where’s your manager?

Manager comes over, listens to the customer’s complaint, and tries desperately for 15 minutes to explain to the customer that a taco salad does not have tacos on top of it. Customer finally leaves, screaming that she’s going to call corporate and shut the place down for not listening to her. Hopefully one of them was finally able to explain what a taco salad is.