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(I work as a cashier at a red bullseye store. Unfortunately, once you pay and the transaction goes through, most cashiers can’t handle returns or receipt mistakes. We also have a mobile coupon app that rhymes with Mart Steal. This happens at self check, after I walk up to an angry looking woman who has already paid)

Lady: “Excuse me, this machine didn’t take my app coupons off my purchase!”

Me: “Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about that here, but customer service can help you.”

Lady: “This is ridiculous!”

(at this time, I notice she needs to sign her receipt and have me confirm her signature is the same as the one on her card)

Me: “I noticed you need a pen though, let me go grab you one!”

(despite checking three lanes, all I can find is a pencil which won’t work but I offer anyway as she’s already angry)

Lady: “Well this won’t work!”

Me: “I thought so! I can take you right over to the pens that are attached to the regular check lanes though, they’re–”

Lady: *cuts me off* “THIS IS RIDICULOUS”

(she stormed off to customer service. I later learn she complained that I “obviously wasn’t well trained on self check” though my manager defended me. She eventually got her money and left. Sorry I can’t pull that $1 savings out of thin air?)

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