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(I’ve worked in Michael’s for a couple of months. We always had an issue with the coupons. My manager strictly told me to NOT give out the coupons unless they have it on their phone. We can’t give the coupons out to them because giving away coupons became abusive and overused. That’s how we lose money… I was only following orders.)

Me: Found what you’re looking for ma’m?
Customer: Yes I did, unfortunately I don’t have the coupons on me. Can I get
Me: Do you have your smartphone?
Customer: No. It’s at home.
Me: Then I can’t issue a coupon.
(If you have a smart phone. You can go online and search them on the website.)
Customer: Are you serious? Can you
please see if you have any behind the counter?
Me. I don’t have access to them.
(I did actually. We only use them IF they have it on their phone however wifi was crappy so it’ll take longer to load and/or increase the line behind them. WE ONLY USE THE COUPONS TO SPEED THE TRANSACTIONS under those two situations )
Customer: Can you please check for me?
Me: I can’t not issue you a coupon! We do not give out coupons for free.
Customer: Wow.. *starts whining and moaning* That’s not fair!
Me: I’m sorry, ma’m
(Which honestly I wasn’t.)
Customer: *gives me a disgusted look* I’m not coming back here again.

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