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(It is snowing heavily outaide. It’s nearly whiteout conditions, a blizzard set to continue into the next day. Customers have been coming in since the snow started with stories about car accidents; eventually, there’s no traffic or customers since everyone is at home. As such, we’re not very busy, when the phone rings.)
Me: “Customer service, this is [My name] speaking.”
Customer: “Do you guys sell liquor?”
Me: *thinking I misheard him* “I’m sorry?”
Customer: “Do you sell liquor?”
Me: “Um, yes. We sell wine, beer, and spirits.”
Customer: “Oh, great! How late are you open?”
Me: “…9:00.”
Customer: “Whoa, awesome! I’ll be there soon, don’t close.”
(Before I could tell him he should stay home for his safety, he hangs up. 25 minutes later, a customer comes to my register with four different kinds of alcohol. Guess who it was.)