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I’m in my early 20s and work as a circulation clerk in a public library that’s in a more or less wealthy neighborhood; we get a lot of entitled and rude people, but usually nothing too bad. I’ve worked there for 4 years and have never had any complaints about my work – until now. To set the scene, we close the library at 5pm on weekends, where this happens. To let patrons know we’re closing, all computers are set to shut down at 4:45. We also flash the overhead lights at 4:45 and at 4:55 as a final warning. All check-out kiosks are also turned off, and the staff shut down the computers at customer service. People usually get the hint, but today a man came in at 4:55 with his two kids, obviously not paying attention.

Man: Do you know anything about (children’s series)? I can’t look anything up because all of your computers are off! Why did you turn them off?

At this point I am very tired as I was just running around for the last hour cleaning the entire library, picking up books, and putting tables and chairs away and fulfilling any questions from patrons. I get a feeling he’s not going to accept my answer, but I try to be calm and polite.

Me: I’m very sorry, but I can’t help you find anything right now, as we’re closing in 5 minutes. Our computers and kiosks are shut off so you would not be able to check anything out anyway.

Man: What? But you’re closing at 5!

Me: …Yes, we are.

Man: So we have 5 minutes to check out books!

Me: Again, I’m sorry, but we’re –

Man: Why is everything turned off? You’re still open!

Me: We start cleaning around 4pm and turn off the computers at 4:45 –

At this point, he’s not having any of it and starts going off at me.

Man: What?? That’s ridiculous! I’m not impressed at all! (to his kids) Well I guess we have to go home now, it’s useless being here when they’re not going to help us!

I turn to walk back to the staff room, but he yells, “I want to talk to a manager!”, so I grab my supervisor and let her know what’s going on. She goes out to talk to him, and he loudly exclaims “I work a tight schedule and I wanted to spend some time with my kids! She refused to help me and you’ve turned everything off!” And then some. I’m starting to get upset, as I’ve never had someone complain about me before, and I really hope I wouldn’t get written up. My supervisor comes back a few minutes later.

Me …So am I in trouble?

Supervisor: Hell no, he’s an ***hole. Go home and relax. Don’t worry about it.

I’m not in a great mood as I leave, and hopefully that’s the end of it. But really, you come in knowing we close in 5 minutes and demand I help you? Then complain it’s my fault when we’re closing? I’ve had my share of rude people there, but he tops it.

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