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I used to work at a race course taking bets on horse races. My co workers tended to either be university students or old women looking to earn a bit of extra money while retired/semi retired. Because of the legal betting age being 18 in New Zealand, we often had to ID people. I’m working one day at a function with one of the older ladies. A teenager approaches her til.

Teenager: *tries to place bet*
Coworker: I need to see some ID.
Teenager: I’m 17, plus my dad is the Prime Minister, you can sell it to me.
Coworker: Legal age of betting is 18, I can’t sell it to you.

The teenager kicks up a fuss but in the face of a grandmotherly stare eventually storms off. Soon he comes back with his dad, who actually is the Prime Minister.

Dad: My son tells me you won’t give him his bet.
Coworker: The legal betting age is 18 and he’s already told me he’s only 17.
Dad: You can make an exception.
Coworker: No, I can’t.
Dad: Well then I’ll buy it!
Coworker: Is it for your son?
Dad: Yes.
Coworker: Then I can’t sell it to you.
Dad: I don’t see what the problem is here! I’m his dad, if I say he can do or then he can.
Coworker: It’s illegal for me to sell it to him and it’s illegal for you to buy it for him. You’re the Prime Minister, if you don’t like the law, change it.