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(I was working one evening in the Children’s Area when two girls who couldn’t have been any older than seven came in. This is not unusal, but we do have signs that ask for children under 8 to be with an adult. One of the girls was messing around with the computer patrons can use to search for items while the other girl was looking at the new books and movies.)

Mother: *walking into the Children’s Area* “Come on, we need to go now.”

Girl #1: “But I need to pick a movie!”

Girl #2: “I already picked one.” *she shows her mother the DVD*

Mother: *to Girl #1* “She has one. Get off of the computer, and let’s go. Besides, you have one at home already.”

(Girl #1 squeezes in front of her sister, blocking the shelf)

Girl #2: “I was looking at that book. Please move.” *Girl #1 ignores her* “Can you move so I can look at that book?” *Girl #1 still doesn’t listen* “Move! I was looking at it first!”

Mother: *to Girl #2* “Hey! Leave her alone.”

(Girl #2 looks understandably upset as they begin to walk towards the check-out desk)

Girl #1: “What movie did I get?”

Mother: “It’s called [title].”

Girl #1: *having a tantrum* “I don’t like that one!”

(She refuses to leave and argues with her mother as Girl #2 quietly watches, still holding her DVD)

Mother: *taking the movie from Girl #2* “Fine. If you can’t agree than no one gets a movie.” *she puts it back on the shelf* “Look, they have [popular new movie]. You wanted to see that one.” *She takes that DVD to check out*