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The restaurant where I work is family owned and the owners are very involved with the day to day business. One of the owners recently took a catering order for a company party that with heating and delivery added up to over $400. The owner does a good job of pricing everything out so that it’s fair and since he’s the owner he doesn’t expect a tip for delivering catering orders but this conversation happened over the phone when the company wanted to pay for their order.

Company rep: Alright, so how much do I owe you?
Owner: Your total comes out to (price over $400)
Company rep: great! Can you e-mail me a receipt and bring a printed copy when you deliver?
Owner: sure, that shouldn’t be an issue. I just need your credit card info
Company rep: It’s (number). Oh and you can add $8 for a tip for yourself.

At this point the owner is rather offended. He doesn’t actually expect anyone to give him a tip but when he does get tips they’re usually the proper %20 or more. This $8 was a little insulting.

Owner: You know, (company rep), I really appreciate that but you really don’t have to.