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I’m working registration at a trade show. I’m at the pre-registration desk, and the next desk over, the one for walk-up attendees, has a line, so my partner and I call attendees over to our desk to help out.

An attendee points to a worker in the other line:

Attendee: “What is this, take your [disabled-slur] friend to work day?”

I give a weak smile.

Me: “Sorry about that, sir, can we help you?”

We process his registration at our desk. Last step is attaching a lanyard to his badge, the colour of which is determined by his registration level.

Attendee: “Give me the purple one!”

Me: “Sorry, sir, that’s for vendors. Yours is orange.”

Orange attendee badges have more limited hours to access the show floor.

Attendee: “It’s not a big deal, just give me the lanyard!”

Me: *trying again* “Sir, you won’t be able to get in with a purple lanyard. The badge colour and lanyard have to match.”

Attendee: *Sneering* “Oh, like the carpet and the drapes, hunh? Bet yours don’t!”

He storms off, and the coworker and I are looking at each other, going “Did that just happen?”