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I am eating lunch in a restaurant that specializes in Telugu cuisine. Around lunch time, the restaurant owners like to play classical music. Today, they are playing an album of Thyagaraja songs. The current song is Marugelara

Guest: Waiter! I have a complaint.

Waiter: Yes.

Guest: I demand you to turn off this awful pagan music and replace it with more wholesome stuff!

Waiter: Pagan?

Guest: Yeah. I mean, I can’t understand a word of it, but i’m sure its part of your silly religion or whatever. I don’t want my children to be exposed to this stuff.

There are no children sitting at her table and there haven’t been this whole time.

Waiter: What would you suggest replacing it with?

Guest: Nice, wholesome, Christian music.

By this point the song has changed to Neeke Teliyaka Pote

Manager: (curtly) If you don’t like the music, you can leave. We will put your food in the boxes and you can go.

Guest: No! I demand you change the music!

Manager: Very well. (to the waiter) Get some boxes, ra!

Guest: No! You will change the music!

The waiter returns with the boxes, and she is dragged out screaming by her friends. The interesting thing is that if one replaces references to Lord Rama in both Marugelara and Neeke Teliyaka Pote with generic words such as God or Lord, they could belong to most major world religions (as well as minor world religions and major otherworldly religions.

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