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So at work it was me and 2 People that have difficulty speaking English.. And this mother and her son come in store during a peek period and push themselves to the front of the line… I ignore them till the line went down, than I asked how can I help? The mother than asked me to speak the the manager.. I ask why, what about, could I help? The mother than said firmly, can I speak to the manager.. Once agian I say why… She than askes if we have any positions going, I said I am not sure, but I can pass on the resume as the boss is currently out of the country…. Than she said “no, you will just add it to the pile, and it will never be seen” at which I said “no I will put it on the desk, as I do with all resumes.. And if the boss needs another staff member, he will contact you.. She finally agreed, and asked for my name, (my guess is she wanted to call up and make sure I passed it on) Than she goes on to up sell her son to me: “he is 16, in year 12… My daughter worked at A different store about 5 years ago, we live around the corner and he can work any time, he is really reliable, we have no references because he has not worked anywhere yet.. But you can give me a call and I can tell you how good he is”… AND SO ON!!! THE KID DID NOT SPEAK!!!

When I finished my shift, I called the head manager and told her “DO NOT HIRE THIS KID”