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I was training a new girl to make deliveries one evening we take an order to an apartment that wreaks of cat pee. We knock on the door and a boy of about 16-17 answers. We tell him the total which I believe was about $27 he gives the girl $40 and she proceeds to hand over his change to which he replies “just keep it”. She says it’s like $12 are you sure? He says “yes I’m sure, keep it.” She says thanks and then one more time” are you sure?” He says “yeah, yeah” I’m sure then closes the door. By the time we get back to the store his mother has called telling our manger she wants her @&[email protected] change back! So we take it back along with a two liter of pop to apologize for the misunderstanding. This woman flings the door open snatches the change out of the girl’s hand and slams the door in her face without allowing either one of us to speak. We left the 2liter on her doorstep and got the heck out of there. We return to the store where she has posted a review calling ME by name and saying that I took advantage of her son while she had to “step away for an emergency” and that I stole over $10 in change from her. She requested that the company “keep an eye on me” as well.