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(So I’m a cashier at my local grocery store and I was on a roll, ringing up customer after customer. Then, an elderly woman comes through my line. She had four cinnamon rolls from the bakery [they were in those mass produced, cheep plastic boxes] and each of the boxes had $1 off coupons on them. Thinking nothing of it, I ring up the cinnamon rolls and the coupons, but she stopped me before I was going to tell her the total she owed.)

Customer: “Wait, those cinnamon rolls should be a dollar off each, they shouldn’t be ringing up for $1.99.”
Me: *understanding her confusion* “No, no. Ma’am, I understand. See, I scanned the rolls in, and then I scanned the coupons in, so the coupons deduct from your total.”
Customer: “No, I don’t think- that’s not right, could you call a manager.”
Me: *fuming inside, but chill* “Sure, no problem.”

(I called my manager down here… and they told her near word for word exactly what I had told her, and then she understood. I wanted so badly to face palm right there.)

Me: *to manager* “Thank you.” *to Customer* “Will that be all?”