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I work for family entertainment center (arcade). We don’t get a lot of business during the daytime while schools are in session. However, if schools out for the day, we can get slammed. To make sure we staff properly, we checked all of the calendars for schools within 30 miles, and we add extra staff on those days. We still sometimes got busy even on those regular days. When I asked guests what was their special reason for coming in, the most consistent answer was their private school had off. Nobody ever wanted to take the time to build a thing for private schools like we did public, but I’m a patient guy and take on the job. Some schools don’t have their calendars published, or else have old information, so I email those schools for up-to-date information. This is the first one that emailed me back.

School: You may access our annual calendar on [website].
Me: Thank you for your reply. I looked on your site, and I can’t seem to find something for 2018. I went to [calendar page] and saw Feb. 2017, along with the 2016/17 calendar. Is there something I’m missing?
School: The 2018 calendar will not be completed until April.

Their school year ends in May… At this point, I know the graceful thing is to just give it up for lost, but it seems really ineffective to have a calendar made that’s only useful for 1 or two months, or worse, that they just decided not to make a calendar for the 2017/18 year entirely.