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So I work in a pretty big retail store in the electronics sections. This woman calls and asks the following:

Woman: Do you guys have the 1080 Tax Form?

Me: No, We only sell the Tax software (i.e. TurboTax, HR Block)

Woman: Well someone told me you guys sell it there in electronics

Me: Ma’am I can assure you we don’t since I’ve been working here for THREE years and never seen tax forms being sold here.
(Clearly she’s unaware of the fact you can download them at home for free or get them from the public library, for the most part anyway)

Woman: Well are you sure?


Woman: Like a hundred percent sure?

Me: Let me check (mute’s phone and wait 30 seconds) Nope we don’t

Woman: ugh fine, thanks click!

People can come up with the most ridiculous requests ever