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So, I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers post “quitting jobs we don’t have” and stuff like that and unfortunately my fast food restaurant seems to get a lot because we are open 24/7.

One night I get this call:

Me: Hello this is [my name] and you’ve reached [famous fast food resturant]

Prank Caller: Hi my name is Sarah and I have a shift tomorrow for an opening but I can’t make it. In fact, I wanna quit.

Already I am suspicious because there are no Sarah’s on staff.

Me: Okay….so you said you have an opening shift? (since it is 24/7 we don’t call morning shifts opening)

Prank Caller: Yup

Me: Okay (I get out my phone to record phone call). So Sarah are you sure you work here? This is [fast food restaurant] across from [popular gas station].

Prank Caller: Uh, I think I know where I work

Me: Okay, is there any reason for why you want to quit?

The only reason I am engaging with her is because the restaurant is dead

Prank Caller: Ya management f*cking sucks. Like she’s always up my butt and stuff

Me: Okay well you’re gonna have to call [manager] and tell her

Prank Caller: Can’t you tell her?

Me: No, take responsibility and call [manager]

Prank Caller: But I feel like she doesn’t like me because I’m black

Me: …..you feel that manager doesn’t like you because you’re black?

Prank Caller: Ya, I should call HR on her (I can hear snickering in the background)

Me: You realise [Manager] is black right? Like really black, like black coffee.

Prank Caller: Oh….

Me: Next time research before you prank call (hangs up)

When my manager next comes in for her shift, I play this for her and she can’t stop laughing.

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