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(It’s early morning, about 7:30 and I’ve only been at work a short time. I’m at the register. An older lady comes in with a gallon of milk that is 3/4 of the way gone and comes to the register)

Me: Good Morning, How can I help you?
Customer: I’d like to return this gallon of milk, it tasted sour when I first got it and it’s only gotten worse.
Me: *slightly puzzled* Okay let me call my manager up here
(I page my manager and he comes up and the lady explains the situation to him)
Manager: Okay, well the best I can do is give you a new half gallon, is that okay?
Customer: *getting rude* but I bought a full gallon
Manager: Yes but its half gone
Customer: Well [Competitor #1] would give me a new gallon.
Manager: Well as I said, I can give you a half gallon if you’d like.
Customer: *being very rude* Fine but this is bad customer service. You know [Competitor #2] would give me my money back AND replace it. I had to dump out my coffee this morning because your milk was bad.
(As she’s saying this my manager walks to the cooler and brings her a half gallon)
Customer: I guess I’ll just have to start buying my milk elsewhere, this is ridiculous!
(She takes the half gallon and walks out)
Me: Have a good day ma’am.
(My manager takes the bad milk to the back and comes back up front)
Manager: Would you talk to someone like that?
Me: No, never, I guess some people just aren’t happy with anything.