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“In ‘Merica, Fantastic Beasts find YOU”

(This happened in late January, 2017. I am in the process of sweeping when this lady and her teenaged daughter chase me down from halfway across the store to ask a question.)

Both at same time: *confusing mess of gobbledygook as they both ask at the same time*

Me: …I’m sorry, can you please repeat the question?

Lady: *condescendingly* Are you SERIOUSLY telling me you have NO copies of “Fantastic Beasts” left?

(I have told her nothing of the sort, but I try to remain civil.)

Me: You mean the book? *thinking she meant the copies of the movie’s screenplay we have on sale*

Lady: *scoffs loudly* NO. I mean the MOVIE. Are you seriously out already?

Me: …I’m sorry, ma’am, but if we don’t have a movie on display, we don’t have any more.

Lady: *snorts* I can’t believe you wouldn’t have something so POPULAR!

(She stormed off, dragging her kid behind her. The girl had a look on her face that said “kill me now.”)

(I’m sorry ma’am. Surely our small grocery store was remiss when we forgot to stock the movie you wanted, a full two months before it came out on DVD.)