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A couple walks in and comes up to my manager at the cash register. The woman says she saw a picture of one of our sandwiches with a cheese other than American and asks her if it’s Swiss. My manager asks the woman what the picture is. She shows her the picture and my manager says it’s Pepperjack because that’s only cheese we have besides American. She looks over at her husband and asks him if he needs to use the bathroom. He says he does which I found to be unusual. The woman orders a sandwich to go while the husband goes to the bathroom. As soon he’s done they go by the back door entrance/exit, sees my coworker, points in the direction of the men’s bathroom and says “That’s what you get for not having Swiss cheese.” When they leave, my coworker asks my male manager if he could check out the bathroom for her. He walks in and tells us the man took of our toilet paper and covered everything in the bathroom with it and clogged the toilet. All because we didn’t have Swiss cheese.