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(I worked for Israelis for a short time selling skirts in a kiosk. I was the only American and happened to be working with the owners girlfriend. She one side and I was on the other. Suddenly I hear some drunk guy yell, “Get out of my face! I hate you thieving foreigners!” I Peeked around the corner and seeing as she’s half my size walked over.)

Me: what’s up?

Drunk guy: your American and you work here!?

Me: yes….

Drunk: Then you must be the manager! How dare you let foreign people take our jobs. Fire her now!

Me after looking up at the security cams then over to the coffee shop the owner was sitting at watching all this: Ok you’re fired.

(She wonders off and I proceed to do the demo and jacked up the price sky high and he wondered away. Owner and girlfriend came up to me.)

Owner: How much did you make from him?

Me: $500

Owner: well that will teach him not to be a ass when he’s sober. You get a $100 bonus today.

(When I got to the office to drop off my slips the guy there who watches the cameras all day said “That was hailarous! Are you sure you aren’t like Russian or Israeli?”