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I work at a pizza place, we of course only allow service animals in the store. We however can not ask for proof. We can only say “No pets allowed inside” if they say it’s a service pet (even when it’s not) we let it go.

One day a middle age snobby woman (Mrs. H) enters with her border collie dog Fly. I recognize them from the dog park I take my dog to. He is off leash.
Me: I’m sorry, we don’t-(she cuts me off)
Mrs. H: Service Dog!!
I don’t say anything further even though she’s never referred to him as a service dog at the park. She orders her pizza and stands with the dog off to the side. She starts chatting.
Mrs. H: How stupid could you be. Obviously if I bring my dog in its a helper dog! Who would just walk in with a dog. It’s common knowledge that regular pets can’t come in!..ect.
A young woman and her little boy, maybe 5 years old, come in. I take her order and she takes him to a bench to wait.
The dog is watching the boys every move. I notice Mrs. H tap him with her foot and saying something like, “Leave it”
Mom: *Boys name* can you pick out a pop?
The boy nods and gallops towards the soda cooler. He has to pass Fly.
The dog springs forward with a yelp and bites at the boys leg causing him to fall and his pants to rip!
A male customer kicks the dog away as the mom rushes to check the boys leg. The owner who is super red actually picks up the dog and runs out without her food.
Everyone crowds around to see if the kid is okay. Luckily the dog only got fabric when he bit him.
The mom came up to the register to pay for a soda.
Me: It’s fine you can just take one. Is he feeling alright?
Mom: Oh yes no physical harm. Why would that b**** think it would be safe to bring that dog in!
Me: I have no idea, do you plan to press charges?
Mom: *sigh* No I would hate to see a dog killed just because it’s owner is a dumbass. Hopefully she will wise up.
Me: That’s a good point.
Male customer: I think the dog pissed on the floor!
I see Mrs. H and Fly at the park still. However I pay more attention. She doesn’t recognize me and our dogs even play together. I also noticed if kids are in the area she won’t let her dog off leash. She’s still a snob but because of me is the subject of a lot of gossip. Haha
I’m not against service animals of any kind but the pet needs to be well behaved if you need to bring it with you in public. Personally I think Fly was just terrified of all the movement, noise and especially the child, then acted out.

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