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Customer: Hi, I need to get a loan since I’ve got this job lined up that I need transport for desperately

Me: Okay, I just need you to fill out this application so we can…

Customer: *cutting me off* nonono, I’ve already done one of these before, I don’t need to do another one

Me: I’m sorry but in order to process the application, you do need to fill….

Customer: *cutting me off again* just tell (staff member) in the back to let me have one for (amount)

Me: I cant do that, please can you fill out the form.

*The customer gives in, grumbles and fills it out. As she is doing so, I look up her information in the system to find she already has four loans ongoing which would mean there is no chance of her getting this*

Customer: HERE *slams the form on the counter*

Me: Okay but just so you know, I can tell you its incredibly unlikely that you will get this because of your outstanding loans. If you want I can arrange to have somebody meet with you so…

Customer: NO! (staff member) likes me, he WILL let me have this *storms off*

(Several weeks later, the form has been put through the system and declined. Cue the customer storming in, slamming the door in the process and dragging along her small 4 year old son)


Me: I’m sorry but I have nothing to do with your loan being accepted

Customer: Let me in back to speak with (staff member), he’ll accept once he hears why I need it!

Me: I cant let you do that…

Customer: Whatever let me speak to a higher up member of staff, you are USELESS

Me: *Sighs and goes to get somebody*

(co-worker comes to the desk. A different person to the one she wanted to see since he was out today)

Co-Worker: What seems to be the problem?

Customer: I need my money or I cant get my job!

Co-Worker: You were informed about this before if you remember. We cant let you take out this loan because of your financial status.

Customer: Then let me in back to see (staff member) now!

Co-Worker: We cant let you see him, he only works here to do loan applications. In addition, he isn’t here today.

(for some reason the Customer seems to give up, heads for the door… But then suddenly turns and RACES back to the counter)

Customer: I know I cant get this loan but HOW DARE you be so rude to me in front of MY SON.

Co-Worker: I’m sorry you felt that way but…

Customer: YOU MADE ME FEEL ‘THIS’ SMALL. I WANT YOU FIRED. AND YOU *points at me*. F**K YOU ALL. *grabs and hurls a handful of pens at us before storming off, practically knocking her son off his feet as she hauls him out*

(said Customer sent several vicious emails and voice messages after demanding that me and the co-worker should be fired. Thankfully the Manager sided with us on everything and closed said customer’s account)