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My mom, my two younger brothers and I, are at Starbucks and are being helped by a young Asian man with a few piercings on. One of my brothers decides to change his order. However, our order has already been completed, so the cashier decided to complete our old order, refund us for the unwanted drink, and start a new order. The man behind us gets fed up with waiting and this exchange occurs

Customer: Just give the lady what she wants!
Cashier: Excuse me?
Customer: Just give the lady what she wants! I work with Starbucks’ district managers across the nation! I can speak to your district manager!
Cashier: ok…
(Clearly wanting to finish the transaction, the cashier continues to help us)
Customer: Do I need to speak to your district manager?
Cashier: umm….do you wish to speak to my manager? (Points in direction of manager)
Customer: NO! I’m talking about your DISTRICT MANAGER! (clearly enunciating the last two words as if the cashier is five years old) I can’t believe how rude you are being to me and this poor lady!
(The manager notices the man yelling at us and walks over to him)
Manager: Can I help you?
Customer: YES, finally! Someone knows what they’re doing!
(The manager and the cashier both proceed to ring us up and as we are waiting for our order, this happens)
Customer: Is (name) your district manager?
Manager: Why yes he is.
Customer: Good, because he will be getting an earful once he hears how badly this employee treated me and how he was blatantly racist and insulting.
Manager: Ok, that is something that we can definitely talk about
(Afterward, the man orders while remarking about how food at Starbucks was not “fresh” enough for him and proceeds to scowl at anyone who walks by as everyone in the store is either mortified or hardly contatining their laughter. That encounter has forever made me lose my faith in humanity.)