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I work at a pizza buffet place and am starting my closing duties when this man and his son walk in.
Me: yes sir what can I do for you?
Him: let me get 2 adult buffets and 3 kid buffets
Me: sure, no problem. How old are the kids? (We have a age limit)
Him: 3, 6, and 12
Me: ok, well the 12 year old would be considered an adult due to the age limit.
Him: that’s fine
Me: ok sir, so that’s 3 adults and 1 child because the 3 year old would eat for free but can’t drink for free. Would you like drinks fo-
Him: (interrupting) that’s fine, just hurry up *he makes the hurry up motion with his hands. You know the one where you roll your hand around in front of you*
Me: *slightly agitated that he did that* ok, that’ll be *total*
He hands me his card which has a chip so I put it into our reader and as it is going through he speaks up
Him: oh we wanted all waters (I had rung him up with all drinks since he wanted me to hurry)
Me: *a little more agitated that he could tell*
Him: I’m sorry
Me: no problem sir, I’ll just get my manager to refund the drinks, one second.
I turn around to get them the proper cups (we have different cups for adults, kids, and water) and his wife walks in and immediately makes me lose whatever patience I have left.
Her: why do y’all always assume we want drinks?! Every time, why why why?
I turn back around and place the water glasses in front of them, look at her and
Me: well ma’am I was about to ask if y’all wanted drinks or water but your husband insisted on rushing me.
At this point I walk to the back to calm down a bit and after a few minutes of talking to my manager they leave. I find out that she said I shouldn’t assume they want drinks and I should ask. She did ask her husband if he had rushed me and he didn’t lie, so she knew I was rushed but she said “it didn’t matter” and my manager, to my dismay, offered them two free adult buffets on their next visit. But thankfully they didn’t take him up on it, in fact she said she never wanted to eat their again and I hope she keeps her word. The kicker? She was apparently a regular who complains about everything.